Friday, April 30, 2010


It's 22 days away to my GRADUATION!!! May 23! Oh wow. Pretty much done with this 4-year college. Such a truly priceless experience being here in the States, that if somebody happened to ask me, I would love to chat about. I've learned to be strong emotionally considering it's my first time living by myself. I've learned that life is a test of endurance, it's either I succeed or I fail. Yes, it hurts when I screwed up but I always remind myself I can't get everything I desire. Life needs sacrifice; life is imperfect no matter how hard I try to make it flawless. I've learned life without a circle of friends is dull. Friends make me laugh, friends spices up my bad days. I've learned once in a while I have to be egoistic, otherwise I would have been taken advantage of.

Sadness of my parents not coming for the big day still lingers. I try not to think about it, but seeing others' excitement for it, and planning a tour around the States with their parents, I can't help my jealousy. I hope I won't cry though, I'm a big girl after all.

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